2019 Hurricane Exercise

June 13, 2019

STARC will man the following locations for this years exercise:

District I- N4WDH
District II- N5BOV
District III- KK4HLU
District IV- N4DLW, WA6KDW
District V- KE4TP
Homeland Security- KM4KUG
Falkenburg Road Jail- KD4UJX
Orient Road Jail- KM4JYV

Floater(s): Anyone else who can float and cover a location is a plus.

Time: 0900-1100 hours
Be at your station no later than 0815 to check and setup equipment.

Uniform of the day:
khaki pants
appropriate footwear

Bring your H.T. and headphones.
HCSO radio's have been reprogrammed. Channels have been removed or added and standardized.

Look sharp and be professional. Your job is to handle HSCO radio traffic as assigned. This year we are not doing our own scenarios.

Make note of any items not working, missing or needing replacement. Every location has been checked prior to the exercise.

Upon completion . This is part of your responsibility as an operator. Don't count on someone doing your job. As they say the job is not done until the paperwork is complete.

Thank you for your participation!