(Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio)

D-STAR is a digital mode from JARL (Japan Amateur Radio League) and ICOM. Interest in this mode is growing with repeaters going online in many locations across the country. Hillsborough County currently has repeaters in Tampa, Town & Country, Plant City.

STARC members installed D-STAR radios in HCSO Communications vehicles in October 2008.

In March 2011 STARC installed an ICOM IC-2820H in the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Operations Center.

During this installation STARC tried a new installation process. The chassis and control head are mounted in different rooms. How does this differ from a regular installation? The factory original control cable is only 3.4 m (11.2 feet). Line losses increase rapidly with a longer cable. Using a Remote Rig interface we are able to separate the chassis and control any distance we need to operate from each other. We can use the INTRAnet or INTERnet between the two parts. This facilitates use in any location not just the same room or building. Thereby increasing the usefulness of a digital radio.

The current installation is approximately 100 feet between units using CAT5 cable. Moving the operating station requires disconnecting one RJ-45 and unplugging the power supply. To set up at the new location requires a connection to the other half of the Remote Rig and power. We now have the option to operate from the current position,  or in the EOC, alternate communications center or even world wide, if necessary.


ARRL D-STAR Full Stack Repeater

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