16 Oct 2019 KOAA story about Amateur Radio and if it is still needed as part of the Emergency Plan.

Hams in Emergencies
California Governor's Office of Emergency Services

Discovering Amateur Radio

20 Feb 2017 Former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate KK4INZ on Ham Radio Now 305, EmComm Extra #8
The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017 -- H.R.555 -- has been introduced in the US House of Representatives.

System Fusion WIRES-X room 21218 on STARC 444.900 repeater. DOWN
Do not activate System Fusion Group Monitor.

Up coming STARC Events

STARC had two members, Tony N2MFT and Robert WD4RWT, 
deployed to Hancock, County, Mississippi for 7 days to assist providing Katrina communications.

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