An information net is held on the 444.900 repeater every Tuesday at 1930 local time. All licensed amateurs are invited to check into the net.

The Analog Net runs approximately 10 minutes weekly. Immediately after the Analog Net is the System Fusion Net. It is less formal and lasts 20-50 minutes. If the assigned net control does not pick up the net anyone can use the below form and preamble as net control. Practice will make all operators better.

Check in is by District making it clearer for NET control, stop pileups and missed or incorrect calls.

Weekly NET ROLL CALL form and preamble after net email to or you can use our online form. Once the NET is complete save the form with your call sign as part of the file name and sent it to Tony N2MFT as credit can be given to all who participated. Credit is only given to volunteer who personally check in. No Proxy check in's are permitted.

2024 Net Control Operators
25 June 2024 N5BOV
2 July 2024 W4NWD 9 July 2024 W4TLA 16 July 2024 K2PLC 23 July 2024 K4MTK 30 July 2024 KA2TOC
6 August 2024 KD4UJX 13 August 2024 KD8CIA 20 August 2024 KE4TP 27 August 2024 KG4IJT
3 Sept. 2024 KK4CK 10 Sept. 2024 KM4JYV 17 Sept. 2024 KM4KUG 24 Sept. 2024 N2MFT

If you cannot cover your assignment you are responsible to find someone to replace you. The net control operators list does change from time to time so check it regularly.