2 Meter normal operation
6 Meter normal operation

Repeater Coverage Map  

STARC currently operates three amateur radio repeaters in the Tampa Bay area.

The first repeater is a wide area 70cm machine that covers a five county area in West Central Florida. The repeater is located in downtown Tampa at an elevation of almost 400 feet above ground level. It operates on a frequency of 444.900 Mhz with a sub-audible access tone of 141.3 hz. There is also a hot back up for this repeater located at the Taylor Road site using a encode only tone of contact trustee for use in the event the main repeater is not working.

The second repeater is a Two Meter machine in Seffner on a frequency of 146.610 Mhz. This repeater also uses a 141.3 sub-audible access tone. Both repeaters have standard offsets for their frequency and band, +5Mhz for 440 and -600kHz for two meters.

A Six Meter repeater provided for use by a member of STARC is located in Brandon. The repeater output is on 51.64 Mhz with an input of 51.14 Mhz with sub-audible tone of 141.3hz .

All usage of repeaters shall be on Florida Repeater Council coordinated input/output frequencies. LINKING or REMOTE BASE are strictly prohibited on all STARC Repeaters unless approved in writing by Repeater Trustee.
70 cm Main normal operation
70 cm Back Up normal operation


STARC Members Erecting Repeater Antenna 11/18/2000