STARC vetted volunteer

Sheriffs Tactical Amateur Radio Communications depends on volunteers. Unlike most Amateur Radio groups STARC has only one task, Communications back up for Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in time of need.

Potential volunteers need to come to several meetings to meet other volunteer; however, due to security you cannot just walk into a meeting. Contact one of our officers or other volunteers to arrange an escort. Please do not bring children.

Working alongside of Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and other agencies in time of need. May be required to operate various Amateur Radios on various bands. Attend monthly meetings and Exercises.

N.I.M.S. training a plus.

You may be required to deploy, only when authorized, in or out of Florida for communication assistance. Being self-contained for several hours to several days.

What do you need:
1. Be a U.S. citizen
2. A resident of Hillsborough County, Florida
3. You'll need to have your F.C.C. Amateur License or we can instruct you so you can work towards a license
4. Civically minded individual
5. A UHF radio required; our main repeater is on UHF. HF and VHF radio(s) an added asset
6. Available for deployment(s) in Hillsborough County, State of Florida or as assigned.
7. Subject to a full H.C.S.O. background investigation
8. Valid Florida Driver?s License, if operation of a vehicle is required

STARC meets monthly at a HCSO facility. A weekly net is held on 444.90000 repeater each Tuesday evening at 1930 hours local.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in joining this group, we look forward to meeting you.